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Town of Northwood
Town of Northwood09.05.2019

EEE Spraying - Priority Notice

EEE Spraying to happen Sunday September 8th, if you have any questions please contact the Health Officer Rich Antoine at the Town more

Town of Northwood
Town of Northwood08.30.2019

Northwood Town Beach - Priority Notice

Northwood Town Beach is now open, the bacteria ban has been lifted by the more

Town of Northwood
Town of Northwood08.30.2019

URGENT NOTICE- EEE Confirmed in Northwood - Priority Notice

EEE has been confirmed in a horse in Northwood. We have been actively working with the state in order to ensure we are taking all necessary precautions. If you are outside wear long sleeves and use bug spray containing Deet. Minimize any standing water. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Town Hall Health Officer or the State. Attached is a link from more

Town of Northwood
Town of Northwood08.30.2019

Livestream - Priority Notice

The Town of Northwood is excited to announce that we are now live streaming Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and Zoning Board meetings. Please see the attached link. Please note that this is a new process and appreciate your patience and look forward to this new exciting more

Transfer Station Advisory Committee
Transfer Station Advisory Committee 08.08.2019

RECYCLING - Priority Notice

We will be temporarily suspending our plastic program at the Transfer Station. We are not sorting properly which results in a polluted load which cannot be recycled and is therefore land-filled.
We are pursuing a better system for plastic recycling and intend to put it in place as soon as possible. Until that time the plastic and household waste will go into the same container.
This would be a good time to try and buy less products in more

Highway Department
Highway Department07.25.2019

Road Reconstruction - Priority Notice

Road Reconstruction is scheduled to begin on Monday July 29th at 7:00am on Sherburne Hill Rd read more

Planning Board
Planning Board09.10.2019

Planning Board

Meeting Held On: 09-26-2019
read more

Transfer Station/Recycling Center
Transfer Station/Recycling Center08.28.2019

Fall and Winter Hours

Fall and Winter Hours start September 1st at the Transfer Stationread more

Administration Department
Administration Department07.19.2019

Online Assessing and GIS data

Northwood assessing and GIS data is now online! The link is located in the Assessing Department. Click on Links of Interest, and click CAI property records for additional assessing information on the parcel. more

Guptill Lamprey Pasture Trail Map
Conservation Commission10.12.2018

Guptill Lamprey Pasture Trail Map

Opening of New Trails in Northwood read more

Administration Department
Administration Department09.07.2018

Selectmen forming Safety Complex Building Committee

Consider contributing to your community by volunteeringread more

Planning Board
Planning Board05.30.2013

Doing Business in Northwood

The Northwood Planning staff, in cooperation with the Code Enforcement and Fire Department staff has prepared a new document entitled "Doing Business in Northwood."  This document will guide you through local approval process.  Click the icon at left on the home page for the document. more